First product to be featured just happens to be Mum’s favourite

This is our Roma Showcase – you can find more details and pricing on this piece in the (purity . . . design) Artemis Collection drop down menu.

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Working on the functionality now, the about button is in the top (drop down) menu

We have created this blog to do 4 things – First, Sherly and I need to have full control of what it is that we do so successfully. We need to make the timely changes that are both global and done in-real-time. Secondly, I need to make real (that is visible); all the sustainable products from my contacts (friends), the world over, so everyone can see these wonderful creations, that really interest me.

©TheNewLuxuryCompany is all about our future and how to start to generate a new audience, then relationships with only those products that are sustainable.

Thirdly, I need to start to work with you, dear reader and invite the public to come and view these products online or at our two locations: Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Australia and Lapu Lapu in Cebu, The Phillipines.

Fourth, how can one extended family business know everything wonderful that is emerging daily around the world, this blog should also work to facilitate a new dialogue between designers, makers and marketers, one that works to explore this new currency, we are not just about profit.

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Hello world! the first message out to you all from Sherly and Crow Hirst.

I can see for miles, & miles and miles – only today has the dream become a reality. With wordpress savvy and Malcolm Enright who facilitated this activity, we have taken control. Creating this ©thenewluxurycompany blog (web site) whatever . . . We are doing what web contractors have promised but never delivered. We are in control of our own data and broadcast vehicle,  a template driven blog – made “public” because of the new massed blogosphere. Stay tuned and register using our RSS feed?

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